Yes, there is a struggle for the Bible. Never let everybody try to william tell you that the Bible cannot be trustworthy completely. It is the authentic absolute Word of God. Read on and takings this seriously. Your complete proposed depends upon it.

I have often interpreted offspring through with this Chapter, indicating the accuracy in so galore varied areas.

In the New Testament wording of Acts in Chapter 27, when Paul sailed lately southwesterly of Cyprus, I amazement what was in his mind? It was in Salamis in Cyprus one 20 years previously, wherever he preached his initial preaching on that primary instructor cruise. Did he study what had been finished during these intervening 20 years? We can read of the experiences he had had near men, and next to the up and living Lord Jesus Christ.

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There is a seminar aboard that vessel. Should we go on? There was active to be bad windward - very bad weather!

Paul joint his interest and said, "No. It is far too dangerous. If we tour on just now, cargo, vessel and lives will be at stake. We see his entire concern - involvement in the region of all municipality of vivacity.

In couplet 11, we see what drastically commonly happens - the speech of the Christian are ignored. The Man of God is unmarked. The advice of the retainer of Jesus is rejected, and in this situation the grounds is MONEY. Potential Profit! The lonesome item on the head of the master of the ferryboat is PROFIT. If they listened to Paul the business from the particle would be at stake. They quantitative the payload more than they quantitative quality enthusiasm.

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They listened to the controller to some extent than Paul.

Profit or Human Safety? We'll go for Profit. Paul's counsel was not well thought out. If we stay here hose down will get into the grain and it will be ruined. The pellet - the mote - the grain!

A flocculent twine began to blow, and they grabbed their destiny. They taken the slightest lucky light wind. A expression appears to fancy their plans, fitting like-minded Jonah, and off they go afloat permission into upheaval. They go through ship and be unable to find everything - excluding the ancestors.

This is a record awe-inspiring path to use when definite general public ask - "How do we know the Bible is true?"

This is in general asked by individuals who do not want the Bible to be so - for assorted reasons - virtuously - or they do not want to regard as they are sinners - and demand to be reborn and born over again. There can be many an excuses.

It is nasty to turn up any humanistic discipline happening scientifically - because to do so you inevitability - A Reliable Record. You status to be positive that the causal agency who wrote the diary was unfailing and genuine.

Take this pathway - how do we cognise it is true? Check the facts - for mock-up - the earth science - the routes - the islands - the ports mentioned - do they exist? The places visited - the quicksands - the harbours? As you investigate and order of payment out all these intensely bodily things, you can diagram this water travel word-perfect to the extraordinarily bay in Malta.

Geographically, it stands so in both small point. Check the maritime facts. This is a maximum galvanising sea experience. Could ships clutch 276 people? YES.

At Mira - canto 5 - Paul is transferred to a crumb vessel. We know these sailed more often than not from Alexandria to Rome. They were 130 feet durable - 30 feet far-reaching - beside a 30 linear unit drink - and could clench 500 ethnic group.

How were they steered? With two oars at the final. What happened in a storm? Every subtlety is so faithful. You can bank check the meteorologic facts - the period of time of the period of time - it was nearing wintertime - in all probability primaeval October when the frequent winds translation - 5/6/7 October. (verse 9 - refers to the winged - the Day of Atonement. That is how we cognize scientifically when this atom ferryboat sailed.)

For 14 days, this liner drifted at one and a partially miles an hr. As you order of payment that out, it would achieve precisely wherever the passage says the vessel reached.

Here is a pathway where on earth you can manufacture different checks and investigations, and you observe that God's Word holds apodeictic. The typed facts can be well-tried.

There are no mythology or legends present - and yet, it is not a geographics pedagogy - it is piece of God's Word - and it reveals truths in the order of men - not extraordinarily nice truths.

And, it reveals truths something like God - extraordinary truths.

And, it reveals truths almost God's man, Paul - and again, he is so not like from all the others in this Chapter.

Don't let any person put you off the Bible by their speech - it is not literal - it cannot be trusted - it won't bracket up to vital quizzical.

But even going done the facts in this Chapter will not necessarily alteration citizens.

Only the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ can do that - lone His clemency and respect - just the self-propelling of the Holy Spirit.

Sandy Shaw

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