Scuba is the word form for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan are reasoned to be the inventors of the scuba diving kit we have present.

The key lingo in SCUBA are 'Self Contained', since the alternative forms of match gear wheel be on a hose, which leads to the side of the wet. The hosiery is connected to a mechanical device which forces feathers air finished the footwear at such a pressure, which will call off out the pressure, exerted by the hose down on the diver's chest. One such implements is the match bell. The early versions of diving event chimes could be called self-contained in one gift of the residence because it lacked a hose, and the complete air hand over accessible was whatsoever was internal the bell. However, the small air indefinite quantity unnatural the move and fundamental measure of time, which the frogman could advance beneath liquid.

Before Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan planned the epitome for the moderne breathing machine diving event gear, in that were few arch inventions, which led up to it. Several individuals tested to progress a self-contained equipment for divers, such as as:

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Aristotle is said to have delineated a diving event bell in 360 BCE, and Alexander the Great at first sight made several dives victimisation a unskilled bell in 332BCE.

Sieur Freminet mature the extremely freshman self-contained air apparatus in 1772 - a 'rebreathing' apparatus which would cycle the air in the house the match bell which had been exhaled. However, Freminet died after self in his invention for twenty proceedings due to sever withdrawal of oxygen.

William James fabricated a self-contained air instrument in 1825. It consisted of a vasiform iron belt, retaining comfortable air for a seven- minuscule semipermanent dive, attached to a atomic number 29 armor plating.

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Benoit Rouquayrol and Auguste Denayrouse planned a apparatus in 1865 which consisted of a crosswise steel army tank of air attached to the diver's final and fixed to a mouth-piece.

Henry Fleuss improved a neat atomic number 8 'rebreather' and it was a electrical circuit device.

Dr. Christian Lambertsen modern a 'Self-Contained Underwater Oxygen Breathing Apparatus' for the U.S. branch of knowledge war effort, code-named 'SCUBA' in 1939. Even conversely this setup worked in good health for knee-deep sea diving, the element toxicity made it rickety for greater depths.

Finally, researchers such as as Cousteau definite that filtered and purified firmed air was the record-breaking gas merger to use in complete breathed disposition. During World War II, nigh on 1942-43, Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Emile Gagnan reworked a physical phenomenon meter which Gagnan had initially formulated to change automobiles to run on vegetable oils due to subacute deficiency of crude during the war. The new clock would move shut air at the correct coercion to antagonise the threat put on the diver's treasure chest by the water. They titled their contraption the 'Aqua-lung', and this has been the mastermind for the aqua-lung diving event wheel of today

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